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Presenting Short Films and Short Zoom Theatre Films 45 minutes or less! Buy your TIXX NOW!!!!

In this Brave New World we are experiencing, we need STORIES now more than ever!

Stories make people think, feel, and most importantly, stories help people make new choices about life.

How many people do you think made a change in their lives after seeing Rocky? Or Chariots of Fire? Or Shindler’s List? Or even E.T.?

Stories are not just entertainment. They teach, make people laugh and cry, and they INSPIRE people to reach out and connect again, and often, they inspire people to tell their own stories too.

So Manhattan Rep’s STORIES Film Festival is about the narrative, the amazing adventure, the love lost and found again, the crazy challenge, the social commentary, the wacky situation, the impossible dream, how to survive and actually have some fun in a pandemic, and so much more, as we celebrate digital storytelling at it’s finest!

From Saturday May 1, 2021 - through Monday night May 31, 2021, we will be streaming Short Films, and Short Zoom Theatre Films (and some “Zoomies” too) online where a worldwide audience can vote on your submission.

We will announce the Award Winners on Saturday Night June 5, 2021!

If you click on the Big Button below, you will be brought to the Stories Film Festival site at Vimeo on Demand where the festival is streaming worldwide, and where you will be able to purchase an online ticket to the event. Admission is $10.

We will be streaming this festival for the entire month of May.

When you purchase an online ticket to our STORIES FILM FESTIVAL, you will be able to immediately watch any or all of the 62 entries, over the course of 1 week from when you first purchase your ticket.

If you do not have a Vimeo account, when you purchase admission to this festival, you will need to sign up quickly and easily for a FREE Vimeo account in order to see the Short Films and the Short Zoom Theatre Films.

The audience will be voting on the Short Films and Short Zoom Theatre Films and deciding who wins. When you receive your receipt from Vimeo on Demand (where this online festival is hosted,) email a copy to us at, and we will forward you the ballot listing the different awards. WE NEED YOU TO VOTE! YOU DECIDE WHO WINS!

Please return your ballot to us by Wednesday June 2, 2021 at midnight, if not sooner!

Starting on Saturday May 1, you will be able to access our Stories Film Festival by clicking on the button below!

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