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4th Straight Film Festival Selection for Prelude: Nex1 Kid Maravilla at Manhattan Rep’s STORIES Film

In December 2016 Christian Morales performed his OFF-BROADWAY PLAY - “NEX1:KID MARAVILLA- a solo one-man play in one act at Manhattan Rep’s NEW THEATRE CELEBRATION. Christian Morales played the main character Casey Ibanez (KID MARAVILLA) two sellout crowds on December 7, 2016 & December 10, 2016. During this period Christian was performing at Manhhattan Rep Theatre he was writing his short film screenplay and creating/developing his character arcs for his upcoming film Prelude: Nex1 Kid Maravilla. Christian officially began rolling the camera on Prelude: Nex1 Kid Maravilla in the late summer of 2018 after his application for SAGAFTRA Signatory Producer application was approved by SAGAFTRA and the script was green lighted as well. Principal photography ended late 2019 to go into the Post Production process.

Manhattan Rep’s STORIES Film Festival is about the narrative, the amazing adventure, the love lost and found again, the crazy challenge, the social commentary, the wacky situation, the impossible dream, how to survive and actually have some fun in a pandemic and so much more, as we celebrate digital storytelling at it’s finest!

From May 1, 2021 through May 31, 2021. PRELUDE: NEX1 KID MARAVILLA will stream online along side other Short Films and Theatre Films to a worldwide whereby the audience can vote on a film of choice. Manhattan Rep will announce the Award Winners online on Saturday Night June 5, 2021.

Manhattan Rep will be hosting a Zoom interview Q & A's with Christian Morales on Wednesday the 8th of April at 6pm Eastern Time. These Q & A videos will be posted at for all the public to see, before the Festival starts streaming in May 2021.

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